Turn an oversized sweater into a maternity top tutorial


I love how this turned out….just grab an oversized sweater from the thrift store (or your husband’s closet) and take a little out in the upper area, leaving the belly area oversized. Well, unless you have a REALLY big sweater, then downsize it down there too.
Thanks Meta for taking the pics…check her out, she is AMAZING! onemoremushroom on instagram.
Check out the before picture and instructions below.

How to turn a cardigan into a cropped cardigan

I’m a huge fan of cropped cardigans. Like, HUGE! hehe. I just think they’re such a useful thing to have in your wardrobe, especially when you’re pregnant. I love that can completely change the look of an outfit, and i love cropped ones because they sit so nicely above your baby bump! Wearing a normal cardigan can be kind of awkward when you’re pregnant, and a lot of maternity ones, just look, kind of odd (you know?!). The other thing i like is that they’re not as hot as normal cardigans, so you can wear them in summer… and when you’re nursing (maybe over¬†one of these!)

That’s why a cropped cardigan is the perfect solution!

Even better, you can make one from an old or thrifted cardigan. Lets do it!

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How to make a maternity cardigan

I love cardigans, but when you’re pregnant your options are either to wear them open constantly, or wear a cropped version. This cardigan however, is roomy enough to wear closed over your baby bump, (even at 40 wks pregnant – like these pictures of me), and when you’re no longer pregnant, it works wonderfully as a grandpa style oversized cardigan. I’ve based this tutorial on a size medium – so if you’re significantly smaller or larger than that you’ll need to adjust the dimensions.

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