Pattern Review // Baby doll maternity & nursing top from “Summer clothes in one day”

Babydoll maternity nursing top sewing pattern review //

Hi, it’s Rin from Sew in Love visiting with a sewing pattern review.

Once you hit the 30 weeks mark of your pregnancy, exponential tummy growth means quickly running out of clothes to wear… I wanted to sew something, but it needed to be wearable beyond pregnancy – that’s why I’ve gone for a design with nursing access!

The Sewing Pattern

This cute maternity and nursing top in a babydoll shape is from a Japanese sewing pattern book, ‘Summer Clothes in One Day’

Babydoll maternity nursing top sewing pattern review //

It actually took me two days to finish. First day to cut the pattern, second day for sewing.

The original pattern uses lace ribbon at the chest, which looks a bit too girly for my liking, so I left that out. I also finished the armholes so that the bias binding is visible. I think the blue bias binding creates a nice contrast to the brown batik fabric I used for the bodice.

The Fabric

I had this chambray style gauze sitting in my fabric stash, but not quite enough to make the entire top. So I pulled out a remnant of Indonesian batik fabric, left over from my batik harem pants to make the front bodice. Gauze is wonderful to wear – I highly recommend it for summer attire.

It’s been a rare, hot summer in San Francisco. The cut and fabric of the top is nice a breezy and kept me cool as we walked up the notorious hills of this city. I do think the bodice is loose enough to be able to nurse in this top once our little baby arrives!

Tutorial // Striped maternity tunic by Rin at Sew in Love

Hello Mamas and Mamas-to-be! I’m Rin, and I blog over at Sew in Love and Japanese Sewing Patterns. Here’s an easy knit tunic sewing pattern to get you through pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, especially for us sewists, because it gives us an excuse to create a whole new handmade wardrobe! My baby is due in just a few short weeks, but over the past 9 months I’ve really enjoyed my new found curves. Knits and jerseys have become my fabric of choice thanks to the comfort they offer my changing body shape.

This knit tunic top is a free Japanese sewing pattern from the popular fabric brand, NaniIRO. It’s not originally supposed to be for maternity, but the shape and length of the tunic perfectly accommodates a growing belly. The great thing is that the loose cut will make this top suitable for nursing once your little one arrives.

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how to match stripes on the Ruched maternity skirt & top

Megan Nielsen maternity style // Ruched midi skirt

A question i get a lot is how to pattern match designs with ruching and gathers (specifically for my Ruched Maternity skirt and Ruched Maternity tshirt). I know everyone wants their stripes to be matched perfectly all the time, but when it comes to these designs the ruching is not symmetric, so perfection in pattern matching just isn’t possible. Sorry.

You can get close though :)

The same is true for any seam that includes gathers, you can pattern match seams that are equal distances, but once you hit those gathers, everything is going to be off kilter.

So if you want to sew a ruched maternity skirt in stripes like i did when i was pregnant and have them nicely matched up at the side seams, you can only do so up to a point.

Here’s what you do: start from the hemline and go up! When you hit the ruching notches stop trying to pattern match and instead go with the flow. Once the ruching is completed, the ruched sections will be all gathered and the pattern mismatch won’t matter, but everything below it will be nice and straight! It’s that easy :)