My first post and a maternity dress!

Hello ladies! I’m Lizzie over at Cotton and Curls, and I’m SO excited to be a contributor over here at DIY Maternity! I know how frustrating it can be to clothe a prego body, even at little (feeling very big) 26 weeks, and I’m just here to help with that frustration! I hope over the next 4 months or so I will give you some ideas and inspiration to look like a HOT momma – my first pregnancy, I wore sweat pants and an over sized tee the entire time, so hopefully I can help myself too.
Sometimes I just get sick of settling for a black long maxi skirt after trying on ten dress/skirts every sunday. Nothing non-pregnant fits over my massive belly. Who knew I owned and refashioned so many dang pencil skirts. Anyway, thus this striped knit tapered dress was created…with the goal to fit my growing belly and to wear with my non-prego belly (though I may have to take it in a little).
2 yards knit fabric
knit top you like the fit off
sewing machine
*optional – serger
1. Cut out a rectangle for the bottom that measures at least twice the length of your waist (make sure this is the stretchier part of the fabric), and the width as long as you want.
2. Sew the to ends of the rectangle together with straight stitch (hamburger style). and the ends of the elastic.
3. Sew in the elastic to the top of the rectangle with zig zag or invisible hem stitch by marking the rectangle and elastic into fourths, and matching them up as you stretch the elastic as you sew.
4. Cut the bottom of the skirt into a taper if you like.
5. Cut the top of the dress from tracing a knit top you like the fit of, you only need to cut till your natural waist, plus an inch.
6. Sew up the sides and shoulders with straight stitch. Hem the sleeves if you like. I rolled and tacked them
7. Hem the neckline by folding it over 3/4 of an inch and sew. It will seem tight and that you are stretching a bit, but that is exactly what you want! If you make the hem too small (less then 3/4 or 1 inch) then it made flop out on you. And because knit doesn’t really fray, you can just fold once. *Optional – I added a peter pan collar, but no need for it.
8. Pull the top into the dress with right sides of the dress and top touching. Pin by matching up the seams. I marked every fourth like I did earlier on the top and the bottom to make it perfectly even.
9. Sew on the elastic while stretching it to line up on the markings. I sewed from the  near center to off the edge of the skirt’s elastic with an invisible hem stitch or zig zag stitch, so it will be hidden.

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  1. Paola says

    This is adorable! I wish I was as talented as you are with a sewing machine! I’d definitely wear something like that!

  2. Darlene says

    :) Liz, that is adorable. I am at 27 weeks, so we are due about the same time :) This is my 2nd too, and the first was a winter baby so I wore sweaters and pants. I’m finding a serious need for warmer weather clothes, and zero budget. You made this seem so easy :)
    I already converted an old knit top and long skirt into a maternity/nursing dress. Sadly my sewing machine (3rd since Oct, I’m cursed, or at least the model Santa brought is) died just as I was finishing the final waistband closure.
    Keep up the beautiful inspiration <3

  3. Lisa says

    Hi liz…Just lovely and trendy! How did u finished up the back neckline? The front is the Peter pan colar, how abt the back?
    And I noticed the that the sleeves is cut together with the main bodice , n not separately? I hv tried that before, but when turn to the right side, it doesn’t seemed to ‘sit’ nicely compared to if i individually sew the sleeves to the bodice.

    • says

      Hey Lisa! All you have to do is trace/cut the sleeve in a diagonal downward direction, not just straight out, taking the same look and direction as some shirts. It works for me! I like how it makes the stripes look too.
      The back (and the front if I didn’t do the collar) was fold it over 3/4 of an inch and sew. It will seem tight and that you are stretching a bit, but that is exactly what you want! If you make the hem too small (less then 3/4 or 1 inch) then it made flop out on you. And because knit doesn’t really fray, you can just fold once.
      Thanks lisa!

  4. says

    This is super cute and looks nice and easy!! I have an event to go to tomorrow night and Im going to try and make one so I can wear it to the event!! Thanks so much for the tut and pics!! :)

  5. Carolyn says

    In step 4 you said, “Cut the bottom of the elastic into a taper if you like” but did you mean the bottom of the skirt? I’ve been trying to figure out what that meant. Thank you for this very cute dress tutorial!

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