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2009-12-15 5

I absolutely love wrap cardigans. They’re especially flattering and versatile for pregnant women. I’ve seen gorgeous ones on Anthropologies website many times, and I seriously considered buying this gap cardigan . I never bought either sweater because I’m one of those terrible people who’s always thinking to myself “I could make that soooo easily, so I really shouldn’t buy it”… what makes it worse is that I hardly ever actually make these things. I feel like it makes me some sort of a hypocrite if I say I can make it but never do, you know? So I decided to make my take on both cardi’s.

2009-12-15 4

My sewing projects have changed since having a child, not necessarily in content, but just in complexity. What I mean is, that since I don’t have hours and hours to sew anymore, I tend to choose my projects on what can be done in a nap time. Hence, with this cardi, I decided to use a Jersey fabric that I had in stash as I knew I could a) sew it all on the serger, b) get away with shonky pattern drafting, and c) get away with not hemming any of the edges. Soooooo here’s what you get.

2009-12-15 3

I’m actually shocked by how versatile this cardigan is. It can be worn in so many different ways that I’m pretty sure you’re going to see me wearing it a lot of the next few months! In fact you can probably tell how much I love this cardi by how picture heavy this post is!!

2009-12-15 2

I’m really glad I went with the Jersey instead of a wool knit or something, as I just get so overheated at the moment that even this weight of sweater felt hot indoors. Plus, I find since I’m not super tall, or model thin, a chunky knit just doesn’t work for me. Ever.

2009-12-15 10

I’m also trying out my new maternity skinny jeans today… I got them from JC Penney of all places (because they were super duper on sale)!!! But I actually really like them. The only thing is they have that irritating over belly band thingo, which as you know I hate. Plus the smallest size was S and I think I really would have needed an XS. But it’s ok. I think I’ll just removed the belly band and add some extra strong elastic to help them stay up better!

2009-12-15 11

Of course I know you guys, and you want to make your own cardigan right?? So after the holidays I’ll be posting up a quick and easy tutorial on how to make this cardigan!

2009-12-15 1

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  1. says

    I made one like this this fall too (from a mccall’s pattern). I haven’t actually worn it out yet (I have a puppy who will bite anything that hangs down that way) but it’s fun to try on and see all the different ways to wear it.

  2. says

    You may picture me waiting eagerly by the computer for your tutorial; I’ve been meaning to sit down and figure out how to make one of these for a while now, and I’ve nearly bought one or two myself (there’s even one at Reitman’s that I like!) … I am super glad you’re going to do a tut! No excuses now, DIY or die!

  3. says

    I am so flattered that my Anthropologie sweater could serve as inspiration for this wonderful piece that you’ve created! I love the color that you chose and I will take anything that drapes and prettily as that sweater does!

  4. says

    You’re a mind reader as I’m scrolling down thinking “I hope Meg does a tutorial on this!” YAY.
    You’ll have to demo the different ways to tie/wrap it up as well… will work so well with the preggers tummy! :)

  5. Jess says

    Looking forward to the tutorial. I was really excited seeing you write that. ha. Have a merry christmas.

  6. says

    I love that sweater! I’m so excited for the tutorial because I have been eyeing that style sweater for a while now! The whole outfit looks great.

  7. says

    how wonderful that you took the inspiration and made it reality!!! beautiful shape and gorgeous color Color!!!

    happy happy Holiday, xx

  8. liz says

    Love the whole outfit, you look awesome in those boots and jeans, and I’m definitely going to give that cardi a go, perhaps in (Aussie) Autumn =)


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