Tutorial // Striped maternity tunic by Rin at Sew in Love

Hello Mamas and Mamas-to-be! I’m Rin, and I blog over at Sew in Love and Japanese Sewing Patterns. Here’s an easy knit tunic sewing pattern to get you through pregnancy and beyond.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, especially for us sewists, because it gives us an excuse to create a whole new handmade wardrobe! My baby is due in just a few short weeks, but over the past 9 months I’ve really enjoyed my new found curves. Knits and jerseys have become my fabric of choice thanks to the comfort they offer my changing body shape.

This knit tunic top is a free Japanese sewing pattern from the popular fabric brand, NaniIRO. It’s not originally supposed to be for maternity, but the shape and length of the tunic perfectly accommodates a growing belly. The great thing is that the loose cut will make this top suitable for nursing once your little one arrives.

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I’m looking for beta testers for our new baby app!

Last year when my little Birdie was born I started looking for an App to help me track her feeds and sleeps and all those important baby details. I used to use a traditional notebook and pen, but this time i wanted something on my phone, so i could use it more easily in the dark and in the middle of the night when my brain wasn’t working well enough to write legibly hehe. So i went on the hunt for an App to help me out. I tried tonnes. They were all awful. And i got really upset.

So i did what any reasonable person would do in my situation – I asked my amazing husband Chris to make the Best Baby app for me hehe. You guys i’m really really excited about this!! We have been working on this app for over a year now and we’re finally ready to ask other people to test it out and give us feedback before officially releasing it to the App store.

I’ve been using it for most of Birdie’s life, and it’s basically been a life saver. I think you’ll love it too. If you think you’d like to try out Best Baby app before the official release, I’d love it if you could take a second to CLICK HERE and fill in your details so we can contact you. Thanks babes!!!

Update: wow thanks for the huge response!! We have enough beta testers now so we’ll be closing the test form. But never fear – if you’d like to be notified when the app is released, just enter your email address below!

How to make maternity dressing less stressful

Getting dressed when you’re pregnant can be a little stressful sometimes – I find the number of days when i look at my wardrobe and feel flustered at having nothing to wear just doubles when i’m pregnant.

So over three pregnancies i’ve developed a few tricks – one of which is having a fall back outfit that always makes me feel good no matter what. I absolutely recommend figuring out an outfit combo you like, making a few different versions and pairing them together in your wardrobe so that pulling something out in the morning is quicker and less painful.

This last pregnancy that combo was a Briar crop top and an Erin maternity skirt. I always had a couple of Briar crop tops and Ruched skirts sitting next to each other in my wardobe that all mix and match perfectly – so when i bad day came along (every second day LOL), i could pull any two out, put them on and leave the house feeling like I looked good.

It instantly turns a day that could have started badly, into one thats off to a cracking start :) Here’s another combo of these two sewing patterns that i shared here a little while back.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few outfit ideas you can create using free tutorials from DIYMaternity or from my maternity sewing patterns:

Megan Nielsen maternity style: Briar crop top + Ruched maternity skirt

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Top: Megan Nielsen Briar crop top // Sewing pattern + similar fabric
Skirt: Megan Nielsen Ruched maternity skirt // Sewing pattern + ponte knit fabric
Shoes: Madewell
Necklace: Thrifted