Megan Nielsen’s Ruched Maternity Skirt

This purple maternity pencil skirt was designed by the lovely Megan Nielsen, made by me. I was thinking it would be a casual knit skirt that I could throw on here and there, but after I made it and tried it on, it is quite a sexy little number! Well, for a prego women anyway. I’m loving all these maternity patterns!
I’m SO bummed that everyone has decided to leave me in Utah to go and further their education to provide for their family or something…pshhhh. What about me?! Just kidding, I know that one day this would happen, I just didn’t know it would happen all at once. I currently have 5 siblings and 3 in-laws and a niece here, but a few short months from now, 9 will become 3. My brother is leaving on his mission tomorrow morning (don’t even get me started about that one…it will make me cry), my other two brothers with fam are moving to Ohio for law school and medical school. And they ALL decided to leave around the same time.
So this little shindig was a last minute invite for Mike and Emily (and baby Rosie) knowing that in the next few days they will be packed up and headed out to Ogden for a little stint, then on to Ohio for bigger and better things. It was quite the party! I actually cooked chicken, and it was fully cooked mind you and I prepared a raspberry vinaigrette salad (what?! I never go past a pre packaged caesar salad from costco). Beck sucessfully, for the first time rode his tricycle and Emily snapped some awesome shots of baby Rosie’s Mad face and tried really hard to get a good angle on my extremely enormous belly in that cute maternity pencil skirt. Can you believe I’m that big already?! Anyway, I’m going to miss all the family, and I wish them good luck. Love you all.

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  1. jinjin says


    Would it be possible for the maternity skirt pattern be made available anytime soon?