Maternity top with elastic waistband tutorial

I finally popped this top on, not sure if it would fit over my ever growing belly….and luckily it does! WAHOO! Another top I can wear and feel comfy in. Love when that happens. People still ask me how I made this top, and I realized today that I have made 2 almost exact tutorials for this top. And now you know this will work for when you are prego! Here is the from scratch tutorial (take out the peter pan collar and shorten it) and the refashion tutorial – I combined them to make it easier below. SO easy and flattering….pregnant or not!
 If you want to check this out when I’m without child, here is the non maternity version.


2 yards knit fabric
knit top you like the fit off
sewing machine
*optional – serger
1. Cut out a rectangle for the bottom that measures at least twice the length of your waist (make sure this is the stretchier part of the fabric), and the width as long as you want.
2. Sew the to ends of the rectangle together with straight stitch (hamburger style). and the ends of the elastic.
3. Sew in the elastic to the top of the rectangle with zig zag or invisible hem stitch by marking the rectangle and elastic into fourths, and matching them up as you stretch the elastic as you sew.
4. Cut the bottom of the top any way you like, I made it rounded.
5. Cut the top of the shirt from tracing a knit top you like the fit of, you only need to cut till your natural waist, plus an inch.
6. Sew up the sides and shoulders with straight stitch. Hem the sleeves if you like. I rolled and tacked them
7. Hem the neckline by folding it over 3/4 of an inch and sew. It will seem tight and that you are stretching a bit, but that is exactly what you want! If you make the hem too small (less then 3/4 or 1 inch) then it made flop out on you. And because knit doesn’t really fray, you can just fold once.
8. Pull the top into the bottom with right sides of the bottom and top touching. Pin by matching up the seams. I marked every fourth like I did earlier on the top and the bottom to make it perfectly even.
9. Sew on the elastic while stretching it to line up on the markings. I sewed from the  near center to off the edge of the skirt’s elastic with an invisible hem stitch or zig zag stitch, so it will be hidden.

I combined a few past tutorial’s pictures to get this. I hope it isn’t too confusing!


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  1. Rachael says

    I was wondering a few things, 1. How wide is the elastic that you used? 2. In step number 3 when you say mark them into fourths, do you mean pinch and then pin every fourth of an inch and then sew while tugging on the elastic? 3. What do you mean by hamburger style?